Dirty Work

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You can't imagine doing it. They can't imagine doing anything else.

Dirty Work follows three men who deal with our unpleasant business -- Darrell, a septic tank pumper, Russ, a bull semen collector, and Bernard, an embalmer. They take us into worlds that are right under our noses but we never see, providing services most of us depend on but prefer not to do ourselves.

Darrell traces cultural trends from what he finds in septic tanks. Russ sees his job collecting semen from prize bulls as a way to help save the family farmer. And Bernard the "restorative artist" offers an irreverent look into how the modern death industry distances us from the dead we're trying to mourn.

Above all, Dirty Work is the story of how three men discover their passion in our society's undesirable professions. Russ, Darrell, and Bernard don't just do our dirty work, they feel called to it. After meeting them, you will never look at their work or our world the same way again.

Official Selections:

* Sundance Film Festival
* Sedona International Film
* Cleveland International
   Film Festival
* Full-Frame Documentary
   Film Festival
* San Francisco DocFest
* Atlanta Film Festival
   (Best Documentary
* Silverdocs Film Festival
* Bend Film Festival
* Calgary International Film
* Hot Springs Documentary
   Film Festival
* Central Standard
   Film Festival
* Rooftop Films
   Summer Screening

NYC Premiere
* Pioneer Theater

A Film by David Sampliner and Tim Nackashi
Executive Produced by Edward Norton

Broadcast on the Sundance Channel